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Our Story

This idea was inspired by our Pug, Ozzy, who was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and Diabetes in 2015.  I found it difficult to find healthy, holistic commercial treats that I could give him without aggravating his pancreatitis and driving up his insulin levels.  Therefore, I decided to start making homemade treats for him.  Ozzy loved the first batches I made so much that I offered samples to other pet parents whose pets had a variety of health issues.

The responses were incredibly positive so I created Goobie Snacks to offer treats to all pet parents who want healthy, holistic, ingredients in their pets’ treats.  

In June of 2022 I decided to get creative and start offering accessories to go along with the treats, such as treat jars and water/food bowls.  That then branched into items that pet parents can use themselves, such as tote bags, t-shirts, glassware, and koozies.  All items are customizable.  Check out our Pet Lover Stuff page to see the items that are currently available for purchase.

good one of Goob on chair.jpg

We are sad to announce that Ozzy has passed away at the age of 12 & 1/2.  We are forever grateful for his inspiration for this business. 

Our beloved Goblin, a sweet Bug with many nicknames, was often called “Goobie”.  As an homage to him, we call our treats Goobie Snacks.

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